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Henry Joys and Mary Anns CLG & CC Juvenile Coaching and Retention Mission Statement

We seek primarily as club to provide our native games to the local community. 

Within our local community we will engage the youth, we want to ensure each child and young person has an opportunity to take part in our games by playing and eventually coaching. 

Our children should have a coaching system and coaches which is fully educated and practical; it should be a safe and fun environment with all coaches trained in safeguarding and vetted. Coaching should be aimed towards teaching the child about skills, how to play the game and commitment, along with love of the game.

Our young people may sometimes miss us at younger ages but this does not mean the door is closed; the door is forever open for any young person wishing to experience our games. We see this as an outlet for people of teenage years to engage in an Irish past time which has brought not just national pride but community pride. They should be entitled to the same fun, safe environment to learn as our children and our coaches must understand their level and adopt to welcome them.

Within this statement we talk of children and young people, we must remember that one day too they will be of age to move to senior but may not always be strong enough to do so, at this time as a club we will seek to provide a tiered senior system which will allow them to move up if they choose to do so in a relaxed development style adult team where they will have their friends but also experienced seniors who will guide them. We see those new adults as important figure heads in our club, they will become coaches and administrators and this must be enshrined in the fabric of our club.

We will encourage beginner adults also at lower tiered level so this provides opportunity for our coaches to test the game themselves which they seek to teach our children, we believe this environment also gives a goal to youth that this is a game to be enjoyed for life.

We will create ‘never quit’ mind-set’s for our children and ensure they always know our support is there.  

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Juvenile Training

Wednesday Evenings
Carrick Hill Pitch

4 - 10 Year Olds: 6-7pm
11 - 16 Year Olds: 7-8pm

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Junior Camogie Training

Saturday Mornings
North Queen Street Pitch

4 - 13 Year Olds

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Senior Hurling & Camogie Training

Monday Evening: Carrick Hill
Friday Evening: St. Malachy's College

Camogie: 7-8
Hurling: 8-9

Coaching: Classes
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