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100 Club & Community Based Fundraising

Every month we run our "100 club", this is a £5 a month draw with the winner taking a £100 prize. Simply set up a standing order for the 28th of each month with the draw done by the following months executive committee meeting. 

For other types of fundraising we seek to include the community and our players. In our first year we did Belfast hills sponsored walk as well as a night at the races, both of which were supported well by the community and members. 

We understand that hurling and camogie are not cheap sports. Whilst we seek to keep the cost down, we also incentivise any fundraising so players helping out are rewarded with kit, which is bulk purchased by the club, again keeping cost down for the club and community. We see this method as the best way to reinvest in our community and players who support us greatly. 

If you can help out with fundraising or want to enter the 100 club please contact one of our coaches or committee members. 

100 Club: About
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