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Who We Are

Formed during the pandemic lock down of 2021, we were an online club. People joined from February but never met until April when it became safe.


There was a feeling amongst those originally that hurling was missing in the areas of New Lodge, Carrickhill & Newington. Ireland's oldest game, and some of the children had never even seen a hurl. The club, led by chairperson Gavin Curran, felt we needed something fresh, something to attract players.

Our name was chosen because both are local patriots, brother & sister, who wanted to better the lives of the Irish people and their own community of North Belfast, both are buried in Clifton Street cemetery at the bottom of the Antrim Road. 

Our colours, green, silver & black are representative of our local schools, and a new alternative kit to be launched in 2022 will further replicate this community pride. Our badge depicts Henry Joy, Mary Ann, the cavehill, pikes & hurleys, the symbols which represent our club and the area. 

Our first team during the lock down was hurlers, but we eventually met requests from local females to look at camogie, both squads are 30+ strong and growing with a view to enter league and championship in 2022. We are formed though on the basis of provision. We want all people, young and old to play in and participate in our games. 

We seek to enhance the GAA inclusivity and reach out to groups not aware of our games and not aware they are inclusive. 

Our door is open, we seek to build and grow within the community, building sports, culture and language, to give the local area a club to express a strong Irish identity. 

We have various Committees throughout the core of the club:

Executive Committee:

Chair - Gabhain O Corrain
Vice Chair - Seana Brown
Secretary - Clidna Taggart
Camogie Secretary - Caitriona Ligget
Treasurer - Maeve Curran
PRO - Caitlin Godfrey 
PRO - Assistant Rachel Creagh
Childrens - Caitriona Ligget
Juvenile Officer - Gerard Crossey
Culture Officer - Seoirse Ó Longáin
Health & Wellbeing officer - Ellene Rossi 
Player Rep - Niamh McGurk
Registrar - Declan McGill 
Development Officer - James Rodgers

Health & Wellbeing:
To promote good physical and mental health among our members and our community.

Chair - Ellene Rossi
Joanne McGuinness
Lauren McKee
Rían McCreight
Tina Guiney
Cat Ligget 
Ben Mullan
Dan O'Hare

To enhance knowledge of our members and the community about Irelands, history, language, dance and traditional life. 

Chair - George Long
Committee members:
Lauren McKee
Seana Brown
Clidna Taggart
Rían McCreight
Gerard Crossey
Niamh McCallan
Nicole Brown
Niamh McGurk
Gavin Curran
Stiofan Murphy

To look after the Juvenile structure of the club and ensure they come through the juvenile system with a view to remaining in the club as adults. 

To keep our members informed via social media and our website, to ensure our club is at the cutting edge of modern technology and it is visible via media locally and nationally.

Chair - Caitlin Godfrey

Committee members:

Rían McCreight
James Dunn
Rachel Creagh
Megan O Meara

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